PharOS Ltd

Κλάδος Επιχείρησης: Φαρμακευτικος

Σύντομη Περιγραφή: Founded in Athens in 2002, PharOS is a privately-owned pharmaceutical Company, developing and supplying generics value added products with a global portfolio. Our expertise covers all aspects of product development from API sourcing up to market release. We provide a broad portfolio of products and intellectual property to leading pharmaceutical companies. At PharOS, we have a high skilled workforce of more than 315 professionals. Biologists, Chemists, Pharmacists and Experts all focused on developing and placing in the market top quality generic and other value-added pharmaceuticals that improve the lives of patients to more than 98 countries. Our people are our core competitive advantage that helps us being one of the fastest growing pharmaceutical development companies in Europe. For PharOS our customers, are our partners! Our aim is to extend the lifecycle of the product, as our people are able to provide an exceptional level of customer service and support, based on their expertise and professionalism.

Διεύθυνση: Lesvou

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Ταχ. Κώδικας: 14452

Πόλη: Αθηνα

Τηλέφωνα Επικοινωνίας: 2106664667



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