LET’S CODE. – full-time programming education for junior developer – 42 Wolfsburg

42 Wolfsburg is a full-time programming education where you start from absolute scratch and graduate as a highly qualified  junior developer in 1 year or as a highly qualified software engineer in 3 years! Through our world-class curriculum, you learn with your peers, develop projects, and earn points to pass levels – and we cover your fees from start to finish!


42 Wolfsburg is much more than a better way to learn. We are an elite coding school for everybody! We equip you to be ready for today’s world, to adapt and tackle future challenges, with coding skills, and much more!


Open Sessions
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Introductions (in-depth info session during application process)
June 15 at 19.00 CEST – 20.00 CEST
June 26 at 14.00 CEST – 15.00 CEST

Selection months (Piscines) Start Dates
July 28th 2021 & September 22nd 2021

More Information

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