MSc in Environmental Management and Sustainability – Περιβαλλοντική Διαχείριση και Βιωσιμότητα

Σχολή: Σχολή Επιστημών Τεχνολογίας / School of Science and Technology
Είδος ΠΜΣ: ΠΜΣ
Παρακολούθηση: Πλήρης
Διάρκεια Φοίτησης (εξάμηνα): 2
Τέλη Φοίτησης: 4.000 €
Γλώσσα Διδασκαλίας: Αγγλική
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Απευθύνεται σε απόφοιτους των τμημάτων:
  • A good university degree in a relevant subject from a recognised University. Proof of English competence [IELTS (6.5 and above), or TOEFL (IBT, 90 and above) or TOEIC (850 and above) score or any recognised CPE]
  • The International Hellenic University accepts, after a careful selection process, graduates from Greek universities or equivalent institutions from abroad, as well as from Greek former Technological Educational Institutes in related subject areas according to Law 4485/2017 and 4610/2019, as applicable
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4.000 euros (paid in instalments over one or two years). Scholarships available One year Full or two year Part-time Mode (weekdays evenings)

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The MSc in Environmental Management and Sustainability programme is designed to offer a thorough understanding of environmental and sustainability issues that can be applied in a policy or management context. In today’s highly competitive market, sustainability can become a critical profit centre for any organization through energy-saving processes, reduction of fuels consumption, optimisation of raw materials and other uses of resources, minimisation of waste management and air pollution abatement costs, to name a few.

Aims and Objectives

The aims and objectives of the programme are summarized as follows:

  • A deep understanding of the current status and future trends in sustainable development and social corporate responsibility
  • Application of environmental tools and techniques to integrate sustainable practices (economical, environmental and social concerns)
  • Adaptation to continuously increasing strictness of environmental legislation
  • Understand the economic and social justifications for various environmental policy approaches made at different levels
  • Innovative pollution control practices
  • Adaptation of strategic environmental assessment approaches in different contexts and different levels of decision making
  • Evaluation of environmental policies in a cost benefit analysis concept

The MSc in Environmental Management and Sustainability is designed for university graduates with the following academic backgrounds: Business/Economics, Engineering, Geotechnical as well as Natural Sciences. Leading academics from prestigious academic institutions from Greece and abroad, together with key players from environment and sustainability related organizations, teach in the programme.