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Σύντομη Περιγραφή: Fieldscale is the company behind SENSE. Sense offers state-of-the-art capacitive touch sensor cloud simulation software, for electric design and analysis, built from ground-up to support the constantly growing demands of engineers for accuracy and efficiency. Its cutting-edge algorithms are integrated within a simple, intuitive user environment to support the effortless design of great touch screen products. Fieldscale solvers expand the boundaries of electric simulation as we know them today, enabling very complex simulations. With thousands or even millions of analyses and different scenarios and get the results the same day. Fieldscale finally enables the possibility for you to realize optimal design easier and faster than your competitors.

Διεύθυνση: Ν.Πλαστήρα

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Ταχ. Κώδικας: 54250

Πόλη: Θεσσαλονίκη

Τηλέφωνα Επικοινωνίας: 2310947484



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