Oπen 2020 conf – annual technical conference

We would like to invite you to the upcoming Oπen 2020 conf, an annual technical conference that started in March 2019.

You can have a refresher of 2019 by watching a short video. You can also check all presentation and a lot of photos on our Webpage.

Oπen is co-organized by a committee from Nokia Hellas and 23 major open communities of Athens like Openstack, Docker, Kubernetes, Agile, Cloud, etc.

Its vision is to interconnect and foster the technology ecosystem in Greece, so that it helps it gain a prominent position evolving to a big draw for other companies in the area, while contributing to the reduction of brain drain.

The organizing committee have worked hard to make Oπen 2020 come true, building upon the success of 2019.

This time, the topics will be:

  1. Infrastructure (Containers, Orchestration, Serverless, FaaS, Integration and Security) and
  2. Applications ( AI/ ML, Data Analytics / Fast Data / Big Data, IOT security and scaling, Cloud native).

Oπen conf 2020 will take place on November 5th, 6th, and 7th 2020 online. Free registration to attend the conference is now available in en’s web site.

Kindly notice that this year, the conference consists of:

  • The main event, 5-7 November 2020,
  • Four workshops (also free) but with limited participation:
    • Hacking Workshop, by Hack the Box,
    • Data engineering and business analytics in network monitoring, by PCCW Global,
    • Solving real-world business problems with R & Tidyverse, by PyData Piraeus, and
    • Deep Learning in Computer Vision, by Code.Hub

This event will allow visibility to hundreds of developers and networking with world class experts in this area, chosen via a CFP (Call For Presentation) procedure.

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