Save the date: European Model Language Policy to be launched on 29 April – Epicur European University

After signing a joint declaration on Multilingualism, the EPICUR alliance has been working hard to develop the first-ever European model language policy for European universities which will be presented during a virtual event planned on 29 April. The launch event is open to all European universities and public institutions and will also include a panel discussion Students, staff and representatives from other European University alliances and the European Commission will be asked to reflect on the importance and impact of the model language policy.

The model language policy aims to offer a language framework which could help promote linguistic and cultural inclusiveness, diversity and accessibility within higher education institutions. The document consists of two mains sections on the institutional-level and the alliance-level. The model language policy also contains almost 20 topical best practices from EPICUR universities and European universities alliances on how multilingualism is implemented and promoted in the fields of teaching & learning, research, governance and communication.

The main organizer of the launch event is the University of Amsterdam as the coordinating partner for the theme Multilingualism within the EPICUR alliance. The European model language policy will be made available on the EPICUR website prior to the launch event. Please contact us by e-mail, if you wish to receive an invitation.

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