IT Business Challenge – Virtual Edition 2021 – Procter & Gamble IT Business Challenge

The past year has brought about a lot of change, with “virtual” becoming the new norm and the workplace becoming digital. P&G, just like everybody else, has had to embrace this change. We have adjusted quickly, maintaining very strong business results while doing our best to ensure the safety of our employees and customers, and their families.

ITBC had to change, too. The “IT Business Challenge – Virtual Edition 2021”, powered by ITBC, will be an online experience, aimed at empowering students to become more competitive in their local, digital labour market.



We invite you to virtually meet fellow top students from across Europe as well as P&G IT leaders, and discover what it means to work as an Information Technology Manager in a digital workspace within a multibillion dollar company like P&G. Throughout the event, you will work to solve real life business problems, attend trainings and get a glimpse of how business, innovation and technology come together at P&G, to foster a competitive advantage amidst a global pandemic.

You will receive coaching from our highly skilled managers, learn what it means to work in a dynamic work environment, and get the opportunity to grow your personal skills at the same time as increasing your understanding of P&G.

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