A Bachelor’s programme in Liberal Arts and Sciences (LAS) is being created – Epicur

At the Albert-Ludwigs-Universität Freiburg, our specialist partner in the field of LAS, Dr. Kerstin Fest, Stefanie Klose and Dr. Steven Randall are working every day to develop new innovative teaching and learning formats. The result of this work will be the creation of a Bachelor in Liberal Arts and Sciences taught in parallel at all EPICUR universities by the end of the pilot phase in 2022. In the meantime, innovative teaching methods related to LAS are already being developed within the Alliance. The winter semester courses were an opportunity to test these student-centred and skill-based formats.

As teachers, they are each developing a course for Epicur. Dr. Kerstin Fest is designing classes on “European Identities,” Stefanie Klose on “Ecological and Social Sustainability,” and Dr. Steven Randall is developing concepts that teach core skills in academic work and writing. For them, these new formats are a unique chance for students to learn more freely and autonomously and to choose for themselves what they want to focus on.

The new LAS course catalogue will be announced soon to allow students to prepare their future mobility with EPICUR this summer!

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