Phd Studenship Unviverstiy of Limerik

Λήξη Υποβολής: 17 Ιουνίου 2016

This 4 year research project, conducted in partnership with the South Eastern Applied Materials (SEAM) Research Centre, will investigate experimentally the
elastoplastic behaviour of metallic materials produced via commonly used AM methods (e.g. selective laser sintering, selective laser melting), under cyclic loading, in
the ultra-low, low and high cycle fatigue regime. The study will cover an array of different materials, loading cases and histories, both in the uniaxial and multiaxial stress space. Moreover, the experimental results obtained will be utilised to develop and validate constitutive plasticity models capable to predict the cyclic elastoplastic behaviour and performance of the various AM metals, under ultra-low, low and high cycle fatigue loading.