Fellowship for PhD project (NanoTrans: “Novel techniques for electrokinetic measurements in colloidal suspensions”) at Cordouan Technologies

Λήξη Υποβολής: 30 Ιουλίου 2016

Project description and objectives
Today measuring colloidal charge/electrophoretic mobility of nanoparticles in suspension remains a challenge in many circumstances: low electrophoretic mobility samples, high concentration samples, high conductivity medium, etc. In order to circumvent these limits, we propose to investigate theoretically and experimentally a new highly sensitive optical technique based on Differential Phase Optical Low Coherence Tomography (DP-OCT). After a first step of bibliographic research, the candidate will thoroughly study the theory and physical principles of DP-OCT in order to determine accessible performances of this technique. In parallel, an experimental work will be started with the assembly of a DP-OCT set up in Cordouan’s lab. The candidate will systematically explore sensitivity, reproducibility, concentration range, spatial resolution, applied voltage, and detection volume of the experimental system. The performances of DP OCT will then be compared with Laser Doppler Electrophoresis (LDE) developed in Cordouan and acoustophoresis technique developed at the PHENIX-UPMC lab. At a final stage we will collaborate with other nodes (CNRS, JULICH, UZH) to demonstrate the capability of the system to perform high-resolution electrophoretic mobility measurements in various colloidal suspensions: weakly charged colloids, concentrated suspensions, nonpolar and low dielectric constant solvent, etc.

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