VILABS_Assistant Project Manager (Job opening ID: APM1)

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17 Δεκεμβρίου 2020

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VILABS is a private company that acts both as a research laboratory in Greece and Cyprus.  VILABS provides a wide range of research, development and consulting services to national as well as international enterprises and organisations, utilising a unique set of tangible and intangible resources, including knowledge, facilities, human and financial resources, supporting researchers and entrepreneurs to innovate.  VILABS is active in the sectors of ICT, health, energy, social innovation and entrepreneurship through all stages of Research, Technological Development and Innovation. Through the extensive experience of its personnel it provides the following services:

  • Research and Innovation
  • Dissemination and Communication
  • Public Sector Support
  • Training/Capacity building
  • Entrepreneurship and innovation support services
  • Software R&D
  • Policy Design
  • Gender equality in research and innovation

Job description

We are currently looking for Assistant Project Managers (Junior with 0-2 years and Middle level with 3-6 years’ experience) for our offices in Thessaloniki or in Limassol.  The selected candidates will be involved in the daily operation and management of EU research projects (Horizon 2020), studies (EC Tenders) and proposal writing. Specific tasks include:

  • Conduct background research by gathering and reviewing content from various sources.
  • Monitor the progress realized compared to the objectives of the planned tasks: managing deadlines, milestones, deliverables.
  • Develop and contribute to the implementation of the communication plan (regulars update of the website, press releases, manage social media accounts, etc.).
  • Plan and organize events, and any other meeting linked to the project: managing/supervising logistic aspects, working closely with the partners, preparation of agenda and draft minutes.
  • Communicate with a broad network of researchers and experts in the EU in a professional and credible manner.
  • Review, update, proofread and edit content.


  • Required education level: University degree open to any scientific field (e.g. Social sciences and Humanities, Engineering).
  • Language skills (excellent command of English, both verbal and written, is necessary).
  • Multi-tasking abilities (e.g. ability to work, in parallel, on different tasks and domains within specific deadlines).
  • Ability to manage time and produce results on time, according to strict standards.
  • Ability to work in a team, capacity to work autonomously, initiative spirit.
  • Excellent relational skills, to work efficiently with different actors within an intersectoral and multicultural environment, if need be.
  • International experience and ambition (e.g. willingness to co-operate with multi-national teams and availability to travel abroad).
  • Soft skills and social activity (e.g. in relation to networking and communicational skills, civic engagement, presentation skills).

Optional but considered as added value:

  • Relevant work experience in EU research projects (Horizon 2020), studies (EC Tenders) and proposal writing would be an asset.
  • Academic scholarship (e.g. first-class graduates; please indicate your grades).
  • Reasoning skills (e.g. top scores on aptitude tests, such as GMAT/GRE)

What we offer

  • Competitive compensation matching the selected profile.
  • Opportunity to develop substantial professional and management skills.
  • Career prospects reflecting successful progress and specific talent feats.
  • Experience and knowledge in diverse scientific and technological fields and the possibility to explore a variety of topics.
  • Flexibility in working conditions (blend tele-working with office).

How to apply

  • Interested applicants should send their CVs to our electronic address indicating the job position (APM1) and the level (Junior or Middle).
  • Cover letter is not required.

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