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Αποστολή βιογραφικών έως

16 Φεβρουαρίου 2021

Επιστημονικό Αντικείμενο
Διεθνείς Σπουδές Διοίκηση Επιχειρήσεων Κοινωνιολογία Νομικές Επιστήμες Οικονομικές Επιστήμες Οικονομικές και Πολιτικές Επιστήμες Πολιτικές Επιστήμες

The structured PhD programme at the Albrecht Mendelssohn Bartholdy Graduate School of Law isdesigned specifically for graduates of both legal science and other
disciplines who are keen to produce ambitious doctoral work in an excellent and interdisciplinary research environment. Doctoral candidates from all over the world ensure the continued challenge of intellectual diversity and contribute to the programme’s international orientation.

It is our aim to provide excellent learning opportunities for PhD candidates and post-docs by offering a researchinformed curriculum, including introductory courses in core compulsory subjects and covering all fields of legal science. Our school advocates a interdisciplinary education according to international standards.

PhD students write a doctoral thesis over a period of three years. The graduate school also awards a number of scholarships for this period of time.

The Albrecht Mendelssohn Bartholdy Graduate School of Law offers admission to applicants who appear to have an outstanding record in earlier higher education and the skills and commitment to pursue research to the highest level, indicated by an excellent law degree or a non-legal research-orientated master degree (in particular in business sciences, political sciences or sociology).

Deadline for applications: 16 February 2021

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