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Neptune Lines Shipping and Managing Enterprises is looking for a new Customer Service Coordinator to join our team.

Some of the accountabilities carried by the role are:

■ Manage and maintain close relationships with assigned clients (e.g. automotive/logistics companies) with the objective of achieving customer satisfaction
■ Focus on growing and developing an existing client portfolio
■ Manage and process on daily basis all relevant bookings through corporate system
■ Ensure awareness and continuously improve knowledge on competitive products & services
■ Prepare reports for Management at a regular basis regarding relevant business KPIs performance monitoring, as well as analytic reports for each relevant/assigned account.

You will be a successful candidate, if you have 1 to 3 years of relevant experience in sales and/or customer relationship services, preferably in ship management companies and you have earned your University Degree in n Business Administration, Marketing, Economics (any other degree should be supported with relevant professional experience).

Please send CVs to:

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