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Iquadrat Informatica S.L

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15 Οκτωβρίου 2020

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Iquadrat Informatica S.L. is searching for interested candidates in an Early Stage Research position in its R&D Department in the framework of the Marie-Curie ETN MOTOR5G project. The candidate must hold a Master degree in telecommunications, electrical, computer engineering or related disciplines, and should have experience in the area of wireless technologies and/or networks. The “Mobility and training for beyond 5Gecosystems” (MOTOR5G) research project aims to efficiently design a Future Wireless Network (FWN) that shall provide diversified services such as enhanced mobile broadband access, ultra-reliable low-latency communications (URLLC), and massive machine-type communications. The scope of research within MOTOR5G includes AI algorithms for network prediction, Quality of Experience (QoE), and intelligent tools for improving cooperation, service orchestration (notably via NFV MANO), and security of FWNs.


A full-time fixed-term contract is offered. Marie Curie ITNs provide competitive financial support to the ESR including: a competitive monthly living and mobility allowance (salary in the range between 34000 and 38000 € gross per year), coverage of the expenses related to the participation of the ESR in research and training activities (contribution to research-related costs, meetings, conference attendance, training actions, etc.). The recruited researcher will have a regular contract with the same rights and obligations as any other staff member. The ESR should start within 2 months of the acceptance of the fellowship, which should be done during 2020.

Eligibility criteria

The position is fully funded for 3 years by the European Commission under the H2020 Marie Curie Innovative Training Network Programme. Candidates should be in their first four years of their research career (measured from the date when they obtained the degree which would formally entitle them to embark on a doctorate), and not having awarded a doctoral degree. Candidates could be of any nationality, but not having resided or carried out their main activity in Spain for more than 1 year in the past 3 years. The recruited ESRs will be highly encouraged to enroll to the Ph.D. programme of local universities (UOC, UPC, UB, etc.).


We are looking for highly motivated, enthusiastic junior scientists, with a MSc in electrical or computer engineering and related fields, aiming at significantly improving their career perspectives in both public and private sectors.

Required: Excellent research skills and analytical abilities, fluency in English (spoken and written), proactive communication skills and problem solving as part of a team, solid programming skills, strong record keeping, great work ethic and initiative.

Desired: Previous experience in fields related to the specific positions is a plus (networking protocols, service orchestration, deep learning).

Where to send your application.

Iquadrat Informatica SL, E-MAIL

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