Intrum Hellas _ Next Generation Program – MANAGEMENT GRADUATE PROFILE

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Intrum Hellas is a market-leading company in the Greek NPL servicing market with wide-ranging expertise in
debt collection and restructuring services. At Intrum, we create value for our clients, our customers, our owners and for society at large. We are driven by our Purpose and our four values: Empathy, Ethics, Dedication, Solutions that define who we are and determine how we act.

Our graduate program provides a challenging and rewarding experience where you get to spend 12
months in an evolving international business. An experience where your efforts really matter for our clients, customers, Intrum, for society and most importantly – for yourself.
The program is designed in three modules where you will work in different departments or projects, diverse teams, build your network and develop your skills and knowledge. Exploring and contribution are the keys. You will have the opportunity to gain experiences and insights both from our daily business and from specific projects.

Management Graduate Profile

Your experience and background probably look something like this:
You are about to graduate or have a maximum of one-year work experience.
Your university degree is most likely within business but finance or international studies is also interesting given you have a good sense of business.
You have experience in running projects and teams in or outside your studies.
Your English is excellent in both speaking and writing.

Why do we think you are incredible?
You are a communicative team worker who motivates others and you see the value in each individual.
You are an energetic self-starter and strive to get out of your comfort zone to make an impact.
You are self-reflecting, strive to live by your personal values and care about ethics.
You are an independent thinker and have the ability to analyze and understand complexities.
You adapt to change, you have an entrepreneurial drive and innovative sense that brings new perspectives.

Send us your CV and a personal cover letter where you describe why you are passionate to make a
difference for yourself and for Intrum.

Application by e-mail.

Note that all documents need to be in English.

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