European Solidarity Corps program_volunteer work in the Netherlands

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Για να αποστείλετε το βιογραφικό σας για τη θέση:
1. Κάντε "Σύνδεση" στην ιστοσελίδα μας με το ιδρυματικό σας e-mail.
2. Πατήστε "Αποστολή Βιογραφικού" και επισυνάψτε το βιογραφικό σας, το οποίο θα αποσταλεί αυτόματα στην ηλεκτρονική διεύθυνση που έχει δηλώσει η εταιρία.
3. Στη συνέχεια η εταιρία θα επικοινωνήσει μαζί σας.

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European Solidarity Corps program

Αποστολή βιογραφικών έως

23 Ιουνίου 2023

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Αγγλική Γλώσσα και Φιλολογία Βιολογία Εικαστικές και Εφαρμοσμένες Τέχνες Ιστορία και Αρχαιολογία Πανεπιστημιακή Εκπαίδευση Φιλοσοφία και Παιδαγωγική Φιλοσοφική

Unique European Solidarity Corps opportunity in The Netherlands as per August/September 2023 for 12 months,

Assistant teacher in art, English and another language at a primary school in the Netherlands

Project Description
The ESC volunteers will assist in teaching art, English and teach another language.
Depending on the interests and talents of the volunteer, he/she can help the professional with biology and history lessons. Furthermore, assist with creative activities, for example craftsmanship, dance and acting. Moreover, assist in teaching English and teach another
language. During the summer holidays, the ESC volunteer will organize with other volunteers an international summer school and assist with Summer camp(s).

Stichting Scala Primary school Linus
Linus Primary School is a zone school for children of 4-12 years old. As the pupils are highly gifted, they need special attention in their daily life. There will be great possibilities for the volunteer because primary school Linus has a certain project regarding biology and history.
For someone with a biology and or history background great to share their knowledge and start up beautiful activities in these topics. As highly gifted children have a high risk of failing during
high school or Bachelor study, Linus has been founded to reduce this risk. Special motto of the school is “learn to live, learn to do and learn to learn”. It will be a beautiful basis for the volunteer to work within such a fruitful environment and assist in the great variety of activities
and specialist teachers. The ESC volunteer will develop new activities such in biology, history and art. Moreover, the volunteer can teach English and another language. One day the volunteer will work for another Stichting Scala primary school e.g. assist the educational
manager in preparation of biology lessons for other schools. Furthermore, the volunteer can also set up a project with the volunteers from the other Stichting Scala.
Accommodation, food, pocket money and transport will be arranged by European Solidarity Corps. Accommodation, food allowance and pocket money will be paid.

Transport: you will get access to a bike. Dutch lessons are provided in cooperation with the municipality.

Volunteer profile
Pro-active, independent, flexible, creative youngsters who have affinity with children and has a background in biology, history, sustainability and art such as craftmanship. Furthermore, has a hands on attitude, likes languages and he or she likes to organize and plan events and teach children.
Duration project: August/September 2023 until August 2024

Please contact: Hilda Spoor-Spelt or by telephone: + 31 6 1995 2886

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