European Central Bank _ new traineeship campaign in SSM Governance and Operations

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17 Μαΐου 2021

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European Central Bank has launched a new traineeship campaign in SSM Governance and Operations:

Traineeships in SSM Governance and Operations

You will be part of the Directorate General SSM Governance and Operations. Our Directorate General is responsible for assessing requests to grant or withdraw banking licences, authorising qualifying holdings, conducting fit and proper assessments, investigating alleged breaches of prudential regulations and assisting the Supervisory Board in the Single Supervisory Mechanism (SSM) decision-making process.  We are currently seeking applicants for several trainee positions.

Your role

As a trainee in the Directorate General SSM Governance and Operations, depending on the division to which you are assigned, you will:

  • support your team in conducting substantive supervisory assessments regarding new banking licences, the withdrawal of banking licences and acquisitions of qualifying holdings in banks in cooperation with national competent authorities and Joint Supervisory Teams;
  • support the internal processes of your Division (such as the organisation of workflows and internal meetings), contributing to training and communication initiatives, developing IT and data management tools and contributing to projects (e.g. organising industry workshops and conferences);
  • contribute to substantive supervisory assessments regarding the suitability of board members, key function holders and branch managers of credit institutions in cooperation with national competent authorities and Joint Supervisory Teams;
  • assist your team in investigating and assessing suspected breaches of prudential regulations and supervisory decisions and supporting the decision-making process for enforcement measures and administrative penalties;
  • contribute to sound and well-founded supervisory decisions;
  • support the organisation of high-level meetings, in particular of the Supervisory Board and the Steering Committee, as well as the preparation of briefing materials and presentations.

The positions offer you excellent opportunities to contribute to the harmonisation of supervisory standards and to the soundness and stability of the European banking system. It also provides extensive scope for you to deepen your understanding of the European banking landscape and to develop your career. You will be part of a multicultural team that strives for continuous innovation to make a positive impact on the lives of European citizens.


Who can apply

Students, including PhD students, or recent graduates can apply for a traineeship.

All candidates should:

  • be at least 18 years old;
  • be a national of a Member State of the EU or of an acceding country;
  • have completed at least a first cycle qualification (minimum bachelor’s degree);
  • be fluent in English and in another official language of the EU.

Following their most recent qualification candidates should:

  • have a maximum of 12 months’ professional experience;
  • have been a trainee for no more than six months;
  • not have been an ECB trainee or have worked for the ECB previously.

If you would like to know more about our traineeships, please visit the European Central Bank’s Traineeship pages or send us an e-mail with your question.

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