Epsilon Malta Ltd Branch of Greece _ Shipping/Maritime/R&D: Engineer or Scientist (H2020, projects management)

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20 Αυγούστου 2020

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The Epsilon Malta Ltd Branch of Greece (www.epsilonmalta.com) seeks to employ an Engineer or Scientist to assume and coordinate shipping/maritime H2020/RTD projects (e.g., modelling, shipping economics & management, LCA, weather routing, bunkering, economics of operations, Operations Research analyses).

Required qualifications:

  1. Sc./Ph.D. as engineer (e.g., naval, mechanical) or scientist (e.g., economist, physicist, mathematician/OR)
  2. Recent 2+ years of experience in the sectors of maritime, shipping, project management, sciences, economics.
  3. Experience in EC/2020 RTD and proposals (highly desirable)
  4. Long-term employment
  5. Resident of Norther Attika suburbs (desirable)


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