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Dataverse Ltd

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Job Description: Machine Learning Engineer

Place: Thessaloniki, Greece.

Remote options might be considered for exceptional candidates.


Dataverse, one of the premiere Greek software houses, with premises in Thessaloniki and Athens, is developing a state-of-the-art medical Information Extraction (IE) platform able to elicit information from semi-structured records in physical or digital form. Our technology combines OCR, machine learning and imperative techniques.

We are looking for a highly motivated and innovative individual which, building upon existing work, will be responsible for refining and optimizing the existing IE pipeline as well as for coming up with and implementing new approaches to the problem domain.


  • Refining and optimizing the existing IE pipeline.
  • Experimentation and assessment of new related tools, technologies and techniques. This requires being constantly aware of the state of the art in the fields of Information Extraction, OCR and Neural Language Processing.
  • Designing, implementing and optimizing new system components.
  • Maintaining and expanding the test suite of the IE platform and producing useful statistics out of it.
  • Building insight regarding how modifications and configuration changes in various parts of the system affect accuracy/precision as well as performance.
  • Cooperating with the software engineering/devops team so that proper APIs/deployment/security are achieved and maintained.

Job Requirements:

  • Working relatively autonomously but also having close interaction with the rest of the development team.
  • Extensive experience in Python.
  • Advanced Unix/Linux skills: Frequent experimentation and evaluation of new tools and libraries requires comfort in working in a Linux environment: you need to be able to trivially perform package installations, debug scripts, fix problems in compiling packages, manipulate lots of files and data using unix tools.
  • Proven experience in machine learning theory and practice, through previous work, published research, high placement in relevant online competitions (ie Kaggle), post-graduate studies or some advanced online course.
  • Computer Science/Engineering degree (or STEM with a heavy element of computer science).
  • MSc or PhD in AI/ML/DS is very welcome but not strictly necessary.
  • Prior experience with eHealth is also welcome but not strictly necessary.

Required technical skills:

  • Advanced Python
  • Experience with some major ML framework i.e. Keras, Pytorch, Tensorflow
  • Advanced UNIX/Linux

Useful but not required technical skills

  • Experience in optimizing Python code through correct use of algorithms, libraries, and interfacing with Cython and C
  • Previous exposure to OCR technologies, especially Tesseract and Google Vision
  • R, SQL, JS, C
  • Exposure in Big Data platform(s)
  • CUDA, GPU programming
  • Significant experience in some other mainstream programming language, especially PHP, C#
  • Git

Other requirements:

  • Able to work effectively and methodically without close supervision
  • Fluency in verbal and written English


  • Remuneration according to candidate experience and qualifications
  • Prospects for fast career advancement
  • Nice, relaxed environment with flexible working hours

In our team we believe that motivation, team spirit, pure intellect and love for technology are more important than raw technical skills. If you possess all the above, and the specific job excites you, we encourage you to email us your CV even if you do not strictly meet all mentioned requirements.

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